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Phone: +7-977-791-1700
Address: Moscow, Novy Arbat 23, office 33

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The Moscow Bar Association – Bichurin & Partners Federation of Lawyers is included in the register of the Moscow Bar Association. Created in 2016 by its founder and current president, Rinat Bichurin. The Moscow office team consists of experienced lawyers who have passed a rigorous selection to become part of the team. Each of them is a narrow specialist in their field of law. Each one has a wealth of experience behind them.
They, just like in Moscow, before joining our team, passed a serious test for knowledge of legislation and judicial practice and are real professionals in the legal profession.

3 Replies to “Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners””

  1. They promised to consult for free, as a result, they lured out an advance payment of 15tr, having come to my senses, I demand it back, they refer to the absence of the head and generally refused to accept the application for termination of the contract, after talking in raised tones and a million spent nerves, they nevertheless accepted the application, which will be considered by the head himself, back from vacation, in 10-14 days!!! I do not recommend this office, such an attitude towards the client simply disappointed and undermined faith in lawyers in general

  2. A phishing site disguised as “Rospotrebnadzor” received my parents’ phone number and forwarded it to this office. After that, they began to press on my parents and persuaded them to come to their office to help them for free. Luckily I was there and I managed to stop them.

  3. It is not possible to get to this lawyer from the street, when you try to call hello and hangs up, that is, this lawyer is not ready to solve urgent issues, or simply does not want to, very sorry.

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