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Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches ( reviews)

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Worldwide, there are numerous companies specializing in a range of related services—searching, purchasing, and delivering cars from Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches. However, not all of them possess the same level of professionalism and reliability as Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches. Worthy of attention, this company, also known as Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches, stands out from its competitors due to its achievements and accumulated experience. They provide their clients with unlimited access to numerous car auctions throughout Europe. This offers their clients a unique opportunity and a wide selection of car brands and models presented at various auctions.

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113 responses to “Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches ( reviews)”

  1. Hamid Avatar

    I decided to buy and have a car delivered from a European auction and was very pleased. The company did everything quickly and professionally, there were no delays. I left the port of Jeddah in my own car. Infinitely happy.

  2. Safar el-Asad Avatar

    The good news is that it was possible to pay for the car using the USDT cryptocurrency. Fast and without extra commissions.

  3. Hasan Avatar

    My father bought a Bentley Bentayga last month, I also bought it, now I’m waiting for delivery to Doha. When I get the car I will write a more detailed review.

  4. Rayyaan Avatar

    I’m very glad I found this company!

  5. Jawhar J Avatar

    Delivery was surprisingly fast. Keep up the good work and prosperity from me and thank you very much!!!

  6. Kabeer S Avatar

    We saved a lot by buying a car from an auction. Happy with the car!

  7. Mustaba M Avatar

    I signed a contract with the company, also transferred an advance payment of 30% of the price of the car. The car was bought and before sending, I paid in full for the car. Before loading onto the ship, I was provided with all the documents and a photo report.

  8. Fateen Avatar

    The car was delivered from Europe to UAE in 27 days, the delivery was 2500€. As a result, the transaction went smoothly and I received my car within 4 weeks.

  9. Ihaab Avatar

    Hi all! Car arrived earlier than expected! Issued quickly, I am satisfied with the car, I can recommend the company!

  10. Sidqi Avatar

    I bought a Mercedes S500 in January. The guys brought the car in excellent condition. I ordered another car, I’m waiting. Everyone is happy!

  11. Sharaf Avatar

    Hello everyone) The calculation was made in the crypt, I transferred the entire amount at once, since I had previously collaborated with the Company. Been driving my car 4 weeks later.

  12. Jam Aan el-Riaz Avatar

    I heard a lot about the company from my friends, now I went to read the reviews .. I’m satisfied with the company, I will buy a car through them.

  13. Zaahir Avatar

    The company’s website has many different brands of cars at great prices. Delivered to Riyadh in 28 days. I paid 2500 euros for delivery.

  14. Mansoor B Avatar

    The work was done excellently. I recommend

  15. Luqmaan T Avatar

    I liked working with the company, everything is simple and clear. The manager sent the contract remotely for signature, I signed it and sent it back along with the advance payment. Everything is fine. Already before being loaded onto the ship and sent to the port of Jeddah. Paid the rest of the car. Picked up my PORSCHE 911 yesterday. Thank you!

  16. Awf B Avatar

    With the help of the company, I bought myself a Land Rover Range Rover 2023. The price of such a car at auctions in Europe is 107.000 Euro, in the Saudi Arabia market it is much more expensive! The advance payment for the car is 32,000 euros, after the car was already waiting to be sent to the port of Jeddah, I paid the rest of the car. Very pleased with the condition of the car. Thank you

  17. Farhaan Avatar

    I will definitely buy the following cars through you. The container ship delivered my Mercedes-Benz S500 2022 3.0 in 4 weeks.

  18. Taiseer Avatar

    I am sure that the customers who bought the car were satisfied and will contact them again not once or twice!

  19. Raadi Avatar

    Picked up the car last week. Everything is simple, I liked the remote collaboration.

  20. Abdul Wahaab Avatar

    Delivery paid – 2500 € paid separately. A good company, they helped with paperwork, paid 30% for the purchase of a car, paid the rest of the amount for the car before loading it on a ship and sending it to my port.

  21. Burhaan Avatar

    In January, through the company, they bought my wife an Audi RSQ8 G 2022 at auction. As a result, the car came in the form in which we expected. Thanks for the car.

  22. Fawz Avatar

    Thanks guys for the 2022 Audi RS7 4.0 Benzin. Everything is cool, looks very dignified, complete set! I recommend!

  23. Faalih Avatar

    My car was packed and protected 100%, and the delivery was organized at the highest level. During the delivery, I did not worry about anything – I knew that my car was in safe hands. The result – I got in perfect condition the car that I had dreamed of for so long.

  24. Muneeb Avatar

    I am very happy that I decided to buy my new car using cryptocurrency – it’s just amazingly convenient! Pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery to Dubai in just 28 days.

  25. Abdul Quddoos Avatar

    I paid for the car in full at the auction. Then everything was done without me, they drove it to the port of Jeddah in 4 weeks.

  26. Samir Avatar

    My father bought himself a Land Rover Range Rover 2022 last month, I also bought it, now I’m waiting for delivery to Qatar. When I get the car I will write a more detailed review.

  27. Safar Avatar

    After the conclusion of the contract and the prepayment, literally 4 weeks passed and our car arrived at the port to be sent to United Arab Emirates. Before sending, I paid the entire cost of the car. I picked up the car at the port of Jebel Ali. We look forward to further cooperation.

  28. Khaalid Lodi Avatar

    I would like to express my gratitude to the company for the prompt and professional work. I bought a car from an auction and the buying process was top notch

  29. Mutlaq Avatar

    The maximum amount I expected was 90,000€. In the end, the car cost me 79,000€.

  30. Jalaal Avatar

    I thank the company for the service in purchasing a car. Managers resolve all issues promptly. Always in touch. I recommend to everyone.

  31. Labeeb Avatar

    Many looked at my process of purchasing a car with disbelief, now they take links to the site!

  32. User_99 Avatar

    I have not yet had time to experience all the delights of Mercedes, but I am very pleased with the car, but in the end I would like to say thank you to the company for finding and buying this car!

  33. Dhareef Avatar

    I bought my car through this company a couple of years ago. Then the guys pleasantly surprised me with their professionalism, they worked very cool, the cars were from Europe, there were no serious problems during this time. I recommend the company.

  34. Shaafi Avatar

    The whole delivery process was kept up to date. I paid 30% of the cost of the car, and paid the remaining amount after the car was ready for loading and sending me to the port of Jebel Ali. Waited +/- 2 weeks

  35. Badri Avatar

    Hi all. My two friends also buy cars through them, one has already bought, the other is selling at auction.

  36. Tawheed Avatar

    The car came to Morocco in the port of Casablanca 29 days after the win, stood at customs for a week. I am very pleased with the condition of the car!

  37. Hamdi Avatar

    A little more than 4 weeks have passed since I bought the lot of my car at an auction, and the company delivered it to me, a convenient and quick purchase turned out.

  38. Hilaal Avatar

    Commitments and deadlines have been met. I received a nice car in 4 weeks. The car is exactly the same as I bought at the auction. Thank you!

  39. Brandon Dennis Avatar

    Professional and most importantly honest!

  40. Jaarallah Avatar

    Hi all. I paid 30% of the advance payment, and the final payment was made after the purchase and sending the car to the port. The company worked honestly and transparently

  41. Mushtaaq Avatar

    Delivery took 25 days which was a fast process. I received my car on time and without any problems. Very satisfied

  42. Abdul Majeed Avatar

    Great company. Masters of their craft. They brought the car quickly. Auto in excellent condition. I recommend to everyone!

  43. Steven Swanson Avatar

    My purchase from the auction brought me great pleasure. I’m really glad I made this choice!

  44. Humaidaan Avatar

    By car – MERCEDES-BENZ SL63,2023,4.0 BENZIN, full price for car, delivery and auction fee – 133000€. The company is great, they do quality work. Delivery fast 22 days to Paris

  45. Haaroon Avatar

    Monitored the site, as soon as the car appeared, phoned, booked, concluded an agreement with the company and paid an advance payment for the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz G63 from the auction. The car is received, I am completely satisfied with the car.

  46. Qais Avatar

    Buying a car with top-end equipment and an adequate price turned out to be a great decision. Now I plan to become a regular customer of leasing companies and continue to buy cars from them. This will enable me to always have access to the latest models and enjoy the comfort and convenience they offer. In addition, leasing companies offer flexible conditions, such as the ability to renew a car every few years and a convenient payment system. As a result, I will be able to constantly be in trend and have access to advanced technologies and innovations in the automotive industry. All this makes buying a car through leasing companies a very attractive and profitable option for me.

  47. Jawad Avatar

    I’ll definitely choose my next car only here; I really liked the service and the customer-oriented approach.

  48. Unais Avatar

    Buying a car at the auction was successful. I paid for my car myself via SWIFT transfer. The company was professional and provided all necessary assistance in this process. The transaction was safe and transparent.

  49. Ziyad Avatar

    Paying with USDT cryptocurrency made the process of buying a car at the auction fast and secure. My car arrived in perfect condition after 4 weeks on the container ship.

  50. Jameel Avatar

    The modern remote transaction, the first in my life, took place. Boldly and confidently stepping into this business, I paid the invoice issued to me before loading the car onto the ship, waiting for the arrival of the car – 28 days! Completely satisfied with the auto!

  51. Naazil Avatar

    Bought the car, works great. Satisfied with the purchase!

  52. Shaamikh Avatar

    Marks indicated in the auction sheet are not visible at all.

  53. Maa'iz Avatar

    I think it’s safe to recommend. I paid only 30% of the cost of the car, I paid the rest of the car as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship.

  54. Ghaali Avatar

    Thank you for your work! I am happy with my purchase and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality car at a reasonable price!

  55. Faalih Avatar

    Guys, thank you so much for your extremely professional approach to work! You were always in touch, always answered any questions, and were willing to accommodate and explain everything in certain moments! Wishing you many good customers!

  56. Faisal Avatar

    At the auction, I bought myself a Mercedes-Benz G63, the company quickly coped with the delivery, which I really like. Thanks for the follow up, the car came in the best possible way.

  57. Azmi Avatar

    I rented a car in installments, everything was arranged quickly. Paid the advance (40%), signed a contract for the supply of cars to QATAR

  58. Hamad Avatar

    After a lot of searching, I came across their website. After studying everything arranged for me, I bought the car in installments for a year at 3% per annum. I recommend.

  59. Abdur Rasheed Avatar

    I am very pleased that I decided to order a car with delivery by ship! Despite the fact that the delivery took 29 days, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the deadlines were met.

  60. Jafar Avatar

    Bought on the day of the auction. Delivery took 29 days. Mercedes G63, 2021, final budget was 95,000€. As agreed beforehand. I have recommended to all my friends and to all new clients!

  61. Salman Avatar

    I’ll come back here if I decide to upgrade my car because they stick to the timelines, and the car quality is top-notch.

  62. Mus'ab Avatar

    The guys do everything in a timely manner and responsibly. I plan to buy another car through this company

  63. Mubarak D Avatar

    Thanks to the service and professionals who worked on my order. I strongly recommend this service to anyone who is interested in buying a car from an auction!

  64. Wajdi Avatar

    Thanks to the company for my new Mercedes GLE63!!! It was a pleasure to work with the guys.

  65. Rami Avatar

    Purchasing a car from an auction, we saved quite a bit.

  66. Omar Nassif Avatar

    It was pleasing that my car arrived a couple of days earlier. The condition is excellent! I want to express my gratitude to the team for the excellent work.

  67. Zain Al-Zubi Avatar

    At the company’s request, I’m leaving a review. Many thanks to your team for buying and shipping the car to Saudi Arabia. I paid 30% of the car’s cost via SWIFT payment on the auction, settled the remaining amount before shipment to me, and registered it. I’m completely satisfied with the entire transaction process. I liked the transparency regarding the car’s technical condition; the condition was clear.

  68. Azzaam Avatar

    Terms are not violated, the price of the car has not changed. Paid the advance payment, delivery and the final payment for the car in the usdt cryptocurrency. I recommend to everyone.

  69. Munsif Avatar

    I bought a car from an auction and delivered it through this company. I wish the company further promising development!

  70. Khaalid Avatar

    Bought a car 4 weeks ago. Everything is fine, the condition of the car is just super. The next car will be purchased at auction!

  71. Usaama Avatar

    Great job, right and on time. Mercedes-Benz G63 car with mileage 1.717km. bought for 125,000 euros!

  72. Maahir Avatar

    Bought a car that had long dreamed of. Respect to your team! I was worried at first, but everything dissipated. So thanks.

  73. Shakeel Avatar

    The car was successfully purchased and prevezno. Anyone who wants to repeat my experience, I wish patience! . I wish you success and more sane clients!

  74. Aaqil Avatar

    Found this company by accident on the internet. I bought a car remotely, while in United Arab Emirates. The car arrived in 29 days. Everything is fine. Good specialists, full management of the client from the beginning to the delivery of the car. I advise everyone

  75. Latif Avatar

    Everything was perfect from the beginning of the transaction to its completion. Constantly in touch, everything is transparent and understandable

  76. Jareer Avatar

    Great company, I’ve known them for 2 years. Now they themselves have grown up and the level of service. I have already received several cars. I am satisfied with their services, the prices for support and responsibility are humane.

  77. Lawrence Tucker Avatar

    I signed a contract remotely, paid an advance payment, bought a car, prepared it for shipment to me, I paid the remaining amount for the car and the car was sent to me.

  78. Mufeed Avatar

    I chose a car on the company’s website, paid an advance payment, concluded an agreement and sent all the documents so that the car was redeemed for my documents. After 26 days, I took the car in my city of Jeddah! I recommend this company!

  79. Saqr Avatar

    Inspection, report on photo, video, transaction support. It was a great pleasure to cooperate! I will recommend your company to friends and acquaintances.

  80. Nawaf Avatar

    Big guys. The Mercedes-Benz EQS580 has been a source of joy from the very first moment after delivery.

  81. Saleem Avatar

    I found the lot myself, quickly signed the contract, made the prepayment, and the next day my car was purchased at the auction. I’m satisfied with the car! I recommend it to everyone!

  82. Khadim Avatar

    Many thanks to the managers and logistics team for their promptness and professionalism. I can recommend them.

  83. Jamil Avatar

    I highly recommend the company if you want to buy a car from an auction.

  84. Luqmaan Avatar

    Today in the port of Jebel Ali received his MercedesCLS350. The best service! I recommend!

  85. Mundhir Avatar

    Thanks to the company, we were able to successfully purchase a car . The entire process was organized professionally and efficiently.

  86. Hisham Hamzah Avatar

    A high-level European company. Everything is clear according to the conditions stipulated in the contract. They have never deceived me, neither in terms of price nor in terms of delivery times. I recommend them.

  87. Anwar Al-Hajj Avatar

    I want to express my gratitude to all the staff! You have excellent offers on the market, and the work is clearly organized at every stage! As an Arab investor, your company is a great find for me!

  88. Saad Avatar

    Hello! I was very pleased with the purchase of the Mercedes-Benz G63, both for myself and for my family. Very satisfied with the company’s work. The quality is evident not only at the time of purchase but also afterwards.

  89. Sabir Avatar

    The company’s managers pleased us with their work. They accompanied us at every stage of the deal, from signing the contract to purchasing the car. As a result, we became regular customers. Their service was top-notch.

  90. Salim Ali Avatar

    Bought a Jacob & Co Epic SF24 watch. Every detail is superbly crafted, the packaging is secure, and delivery was on time. Thank you!

  91. Ghassan Avatar

    Everything went perfectly. Clear, specific, transparent. Thanks a lot! Bought Land Rover Range Rover 2023 4.4. I paid 120,000 euros for it. 30 thousand paid an advance payment and before sending me to Dubai paid the remaining 90 thousand. Super car!

  92. Imad Qadi Avatar

    Through this company, I got a Lamborghini Aventador, 2023. The full amount was paid before the car was shipped to Dubai, as we had previous experience working with them.

  93. Ibrahim Avatar

    Thank you for the timely delivery of the car! Excellent logistics organization!

  94. Amr Jalil Avatar

    I purchased a Land Rover Range Rover, 2023, 3.0, at an auction. I made a 30% down payment for the car, paid the balance before loading onto the ship and sending it to the port of Jeddah. Very satisfied with the condition of the car.

  95. Ziyad Avatar

    Oman delivered me an excellent car – a Land Rover Defender, 2023, 5.0 with 1,605km mileage. I paid €106,000 for it and received it in 4 weeks.

  96. Shadi Avatar

    My car was delivered precisely on schedule on the container ship, and it looks like new. Thank you for your professionalism!

  97. Tawheed Avatar

    Super happy with my new BMW at auction! Thanks to the professionalism of the company, I was able to buy and receive my car without any problems. Great service!

  98. Shameem Shaker Avatar

    I bought a car through them, found them on instagram. Signed a contract. Paid by SWIFT transfer. Mercedes G63,2022,4.0. I paid 130.000€.

  99. Ibrahim Saad Avatar

    Excellent company. I’ve bought 2 cars in two years. Money doesn’t disappear, cars arrive. Toyota Land Cruiser 300, Bentley Bentayga. Highly recommend!

  100. Amr Fawzi Avatar

    They do their job, haven’t encountered any major issues. Yes, there was a slight delay at some point, but let’s say it’s just part of the production process.

  101. Yasser Avatar

    Purchasing a car at auction with this company was easy and comfortable. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer proved to be efficient and reliable methods. I am very satisfied!

  102. Abdullah Avatar

    I chose this company for purchasing a car at auction and was pleased with every stage of the process. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer were convenient and transparent. My car just looks great!

  103. Saleem Avatar

    The company quickly brought the car. Everything was done quickly and at reasonable prices.

  104. Kamaaluddeen Avatar

    Picked up the car, very happy. All as stated in the auction sheet. Thank you! Good luck and prosperity!

  105. Ibrahim Hatem Avatar

    They do their job well, haven’t encountered any major issues. Yes, there was a slight delay at some point, but let’s say it’s part of the production process.

  106. Rami Avatar

    Very competent managers, they always have everything under control. Happy with the cooperation! I paid for the car as they provided me with the transport documents for my car before loading it onto the ship.

  107. Aadil Avatar

    We bought a car from an auction for the first time, we were worried, but as it turned out, in vain. The company brought what we wanted and bought. Thanks to my logistics manager

  108. Adeeba Avatar

    Thank you, I think we are working not the last time. Good luck!

  109. Ghaamid Avatar

    They know their job, they did everything quickly, the car was delivered from Europe to the United Arab Emirate to the port of Jebel Ali, within 4 weeks! I recommend the company!

  110. Abood Avatar

    I am very grateful for their work. We found a super option in my budget, everything is so cool that I am amazed at their approach to this issue. I now recommend these professionals to all my friends. Thank you very much for your work.

  111. Subhi Avatar

    Bought Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63,2022,4.0 Benzin great car for good money. Bought for 80.000€ Delivered in 4 weeks to the port of Jebel Ali

  112. Walid Avatar

    I signed an installment agreement, everything was оформлено quickly. I made a prepayment (40%) and agreed on a contract for the delivery of the car to Chicago.

  113. Aadam Salameh Avatar

    I would like to express my deep gratitude to the entire team of the company for their coordinated and efficient work. I was especially pleased with the final price at which I was able to purchase the car.

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