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AutoImport reviews. AutoImport: Traps and deception when buying a car at auction.

Leaving you with a car that is far from the advertised condition. In this article, we will examine the experiences of clients who encountered issues when purchasing cars through AutoImport and provide advice on how to avoid such unpleasant situations.

AutoImport: Company Overview:

AutoImport is a company that provides car procurement services at auctions. They promise clients access to a wide range of cars and reliable deals. However, several AutoImport clients have shared negative stories related to purchasing cars through this company.

Client Stories:

Several AutoImport clients have shared their negative stories. They claim that the company presented cars to them as technically sound, but after the purchase, it turned out that the cars were severely damaged and not fit for use.

AutoImport’s Accountability:

According to client reviews, AutoImport refuses to take responsibility for the condition of the cars after purchase. They argue that they are merely intermediaries and cannot control the history of the cars.

How to Avoid Deception:

To avoid deception when buying a car through AutoImport, follow these tips:

Thorough Inspection: Never buy a car without conducting a thorough inspection. Check the car’s condition, chassis, engine, and other vital components.

History Report: Order a history report on the car to learn about its past damage and repairs.

Read Reviews: Research reviews from other AutoImport clients and study their experiences. This will help you gauge the company’s reliability.

Ask Questions: Be persistent and ask the seller many questions about the car’s condition and history.

Use Third-Party Experts: If you lack experience in inspecting cars, hire third-party experts to conduct an independent inspection.

Buying a car is a significant decision, and it is important to avoid deception. From the examples of clients who encountered problems with transactions through AutoImport, it is evident that attentiveness and caution can prevent a negative experience. Always inspect the car, read reviews, and trust only verified sellers to make a successful purchase and avoid disappointment.

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10 responses to “AutoImport reviews. AutoImport: Traps and deception when buying a car at auction.”

  1. Ershov Vasiliy Avatar

    AutoImport is a real nightmare! They sold me a broken down car that was unusable and refused to take responsibility for their mistakes.

  2. Gorshkov Eduard Avatar

    Horrible experience with AutoImport! They deceived me by presenting the car as working, although it was in terrible condition. I do not recommend doing business with them!

  3. Bogdanov Vasiliy Avatar

    AutoImport is a complete mess! They sold me junk cars and showed no responsibility for it. I will never contact them again!

  4. Aksyonov Filipp Avatar

    My deal with AutoImport turned out to be an absolute failure. They did not take my problems after purchase seriously and refused to fix the car.

  5. Korolyov Nikolay Avatar

    I spent a lot of money on a car from AutoImport and received unfinished junk. They completely ignore customer complaints and are held accountable.

  6. Dyachkov Valeriy Avatar

    AutoImport are scammers! They promised me a quality car, but sold me a broken one and did not take my claims seriously.

  7. Gusev Vladimir Avatar

    The deal with AutoImport left me without money and with a car that is not usable. They refused to take responsibility for their actions.

  8. Kotov Vadim Avatar

    This company is completely dishonest in their dealings. They are willing to sell cars with defects and are only responsible to their profits.

  9. Hohlov Gleb Avatar

    I feel deceived and disappointed after the transaction with AutoImport. They do not take clients seriously and do not fulfill their obligations.

  10. Makarov Yuriy Avatar

    Buying a car from AutoImport is the biggest mistake I have made. They deceived me and are responsible for the goods they sold.

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