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Our commitment is to always go ahead. The future is electric and at Automobile Barcelona we are going to experience it firsthand.

3 Replies to “AUTOMOBILE BARCELONA Review”

  1. Bought as a car to go to work and back. Performs its functions normally Cost of ownership: Inexpensive, gasoline comes out up to 5000 months, repairs -12 in half a year Vehicle reliability: Reliable, the wheel changed itself Design and exterior: Average, there are cars and more beautiful

  2. In general, a very good car for the city. Beautiful in appearance, comfortable inside, quite frisky, a lot of all sorts of electronic assistants, and if you get used to it, they really help. Cost of ownership: Expensive, in my opinion, for a car of this class, but such a time. As for fuel – everything is expected and predictable …

  3. Ford he and in Africa Ford. A good car took a simple package. Since my wife and I went for a couple. Not capricious hardy. And a small car. Exclusively for city driving. Long distance driving is not very comfortable. So in principle, I can’t say anything bad about this car, and just wow too …

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