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  1. Yesterday morning I left my contact details on the site for a consultation. They didn’t call me back until noon. I independently went to the site in the contacts section and called +7914690-25-90, the young man did not introduce himself to me, he began to talk to me in a rude manner. I was very disappointed, because I thought that this company is one of the few that appreciates its customers. (Moreover, the request was for a non-budget car) As a result, I turned to another company.

  2. Another damaged car from Avtozakaz (IP Seleznev).
    I ordered a 2018 HondaStepWagon with a score of 4 from Autoorder.
    When a representative of AVTOVOZA came to pick up this car from Avtozakaz (for the purpose of delivery from the city of Vladivostok to my city – Novosibirsk), it turned out that the car had new damage, namely: the back door was jammed, the front pillar was scratched, the hood was damaged, the bumper molding was damaged, scratches on windshield.
    Having learned this information on 03/17/2023, I turned to Seleznev Maxim Vyacheslavovich. To which there was no answer , they read the messages and ignored them . Other employees of AutoOrder also do not answer my questions about these damages, I have not been provided with any compensation. Employees ignore my messages.
    When concluding an agreement with Avtozakaz, an employee of Yanina sent information “that it is very difficult and takes a long time to obtain compensation or repairs from the carrier.” Based on the meaning of this message and the fact that I did not have a contractual relationship with the carrier, it is Autoorder that has entered into a contract with the carrier and is entitled to claim compensation for damage to my car. However, Avtozakaz (IP Seleznev) did not take any measures to recover compensation and does not make any contact or dialogue with me.
    In his YouTube channel, Seleznev tells how he always works in the “white”, however, when concluding an agreement with Avtozakaz, the manager offered me to pay for their services to the card of an individual Anastasia Sergeevna Selezneva, explaining that she is their financial director. After that, I contacted another manager and, after a long correspondence, we nevertheless agreed to pay for their services through the current account of the IP. I will report this fact of tax violations to the relevant tax authority with the attachment of all correspondence with the manager of Autoorder.
    I do not recommend buying a car through Autoorder and I myself will use the services of another company in the future.
    Contract dated 01/23/2023, number 250376.

  3. after private traders outbid just fire). picked me pradika almost no run. consider new. I’m still blowing dust particles from the salon, so the skin will break. Respect to managers, I did not think that in 2 weeks I could find such a juicy offer. The price is also quite humane. five out of five

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