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AX CAPITAL Real Estate Reviews

AX CAPITAL agents are not just intermediaries, but trusted investment advisors. By bringing together the strongest minds, we create the largest team of A-class real estate experts.
Consultations: purchase, sale, rental of residential and commercial real estate for individuals and legal entities.
Assistance on all financial issues (opening an account, transferring funds, currency exchange, etc.).
Help with obtaining a mortgage.
Transaction support.
Help with property insurance Selection and inspection of real estate.
Search and selection according to specified parameters, joint negotiations, support at every stage of the purchasing process.


2 responses to “AX CAPITAL Real Estate Reviews”

  1. Kamran Mirandi Avatar

    I’ve never encountered such unprofessionalism in my life. This agency made empty promises, and their agents were clueless.

  2. Leila Al Kadi Avatar

    This real estate agency is a scam artist’s dream. They’ll charge you for everything and deliver nothing but headaches.

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