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About company


At the Indevs we offer a wide range of products and the best trading conditions. We continually invest in innovation and company personnel to meet our customers’ needs by taking a personalized approach and providing high quality service.


01 Safe deals

Our trading platform is protected by strict protocols and advanced technical measures.

02 Protection against negative balance

This protection ensures that losses on trade transactions do not exceed the size of the deposit.

03 Integrated analysis

Variety of indicators, strategies and drawing instruments for detailed market analysis.

04 Intuitive interface

The platform is very intuitive and user-friendly both for beginners and professionals in trading.

05 Cross-platform

Allows you to trade on the go. Open the mobile version of the platform and trade online.

3 Replies to “INDEVS REVIEW”

  1. until I personally worked with a broker, I didn’t even imagine that you can earn such a lot of money on trading) with proper dexterity, you can get up to a mower of greenery in a working week!) already attracted 2 friends, they also earn a little, but so far not in such volumes) the site is convenient and honest, no questions arise, so try it))

  2. These are real scammers! The exchange is fake on a server in the basement, the balance is a fake for a lure. They will let you withdraw three kopecks (this is not a withdrawal, this is an imitation to lure real withdrawals, all control of the balance on the account is carried out by scammers !!!!!!!!) You will not receive any payments. Tech support will never answer you for anything on the topic !!!! Do not give a single penny a complete deception and lure, according to the law, there are almost no options to bring to justice.

  3. Too bad we can’t turn back time. The fact is that it was not worth messing with these scammers who were only interested in my savings. I was going to start with the bare minimum, but Indevs convinced me to invest $3,000. It is worth recognizing that they have the gift of persuasion. But that’s where the pluses end. They will be rude to you here, they will be rude, they will refuse to approve payments, a full set of an unscrupulous scam project

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