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Real Estate Agency Dubai Reviews

The agency works both in the secondary market and directly with developers. Our specialists confidently navigate the real estate market in the emirates, know real prices, the specifics of areas and individual objects, the infrastructural features of the city and everything that allows clients to make informed and economically sound decisions.
By contacting the AND agency, you will save time and money by choosing, together with our agent, exactly the object that will satisfy your needs 100%.

+971 50 942 4429

2 responses to “Real Estate Agency Dubai Reviews”

  1. Yasir Abdel Aziz Avatar

    If you want to be ghosted and ignored, this is the agency for you. It’s impossible to get a response from them once they have your money.

  2. Sara Al Khalid Avatar

    Dealing with this real estate agency felt like dealing with used car salesmen. Pushy, dishonest, and focused solely on their commission.

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