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TUIMAADA Real Estate Reviews

TUIMAADA is an international group of companies and services, including a luxury real estate agency in Moscow, Turkey and the UAE (Dubai). Works both directly with the developer and on the secondary market. TUIMAADA specialists confidently navigate the real estate market in the UAE, know real prices, features of areas and individual objects.
Purchase of real estate: apartments, studios, lofts, apartments, villas, private homes, duplexes, penthouses, townhouses in the UAE.
Transaction support.

+7 (965) 246-98-41 / +7 (971) 437-53-178

3 responses to “TUIMAADA Real Estate Reviews”

  1. Amir Al Suleiman Avatar

    Our experience with this real estate agency was a complete nightmare. They mishandled our offer, delayed the process, and left us in limbo.

  2. Lina Al Sharif Avatar

    If you value your sanity, avoid this agency at all costs. They will make the home-buying process a living hell.

  3. Karima Hussein Avatar

    Incompetent, unprofessional, and unethical—those three words perfectly describe this real estate agency.

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