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  1. Thank you for choosing a car. The selection was qualified, I liked the work of the selection specialist, a detailed report on the car I liked, worked both late in the evening and on weekends, which is surprising, when buying a car there was a full support of the transaction. The work of the company as a whole was pleasant. Picked up a great car. We were glad to cooperate!

  2. Thanks to a good review, a friend turned to this company himself and did not regret it. An excellent company, we managed to find a car in a good configuration, within the desired budget and in a fairly short time) Thank you very much, and especially to Alexander for helping and controlling the transaction process at all stages. The company’s service is at its best, the cars were brought from Japan (Toyota Camry, 2017, automatic, 47,000 km mileage). Thanks a lot! More than satisfied!

  3. Bought a car through this company. After signing the contract and paying the deposit, they began to throw off car options that for the most part did not correspond to the parameters prescribed in the contract, that is, the employee who was engaged in the selection did not delve into these subtleties and offered options below the year, the wrong color and other equipment, and then and in general a car of a different brand. Translation of auction lists into…

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