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WS Markets is founded by a team of experienced Swiss bankers and financial industry professionals from England, who are driven by a common goal — to offer a frictionless trading environment with the best in financial technology today.

Our team hopes to leverage on the Swiss’ impressive banking systems to deliver the fastest and most reliable banking security and transaction speeds to our customers. Combined with the deep experience and portfolio we have from our English financial professionals, to present the best market prices and tools possible to our traders.

3 responses to “WS Markets Review”

  1. Cyrax Avatar

    Now I have already understood that everyone who writes that WS Markets is a scam is 100% right. At first I thought that these reviews were bought, so I did not attach any importance to them, but now I understand that this is really a hole! THE MOST REAL HOLE!!!! I wanted to earn money, but it turns out that I gave them everything I had. As a result, I was left with nothing, and all the money that I bought for so long flew straight into the pockets of the scammers.

  2. Denis Avatar

    My advice to you: don’t mess with WS Markets! These are crooks. I should have listened to a friend who spoke about this from the very beginning, but I did not listen and was left with nothing.

  3. Reichel Avatar

    I also believed these thieves ((((((and I always take a balanced approach to some business, and here I also talked with support for a long time, found out all the nuances and only after that I started working on the platform. And when they realized that I had nothing more to contribute I won’t, they blocked me.Well, the money was also leaked along the way, as they do.

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